Thanksgiving table for two

thanksgiving table for two // A Sunny Afternoon // Smitten StudioThis year Rupert and I are going to have a Thanksgiving meal, just the two of us, cooking in our kitchen together (it will be the first real meal cooked in the new space!) and reflecting on all we are thankful for before heading out to drop in on a few friends’ celebrations around town.

thanksgiving table for two // A Sunny Afternoon // Smitten Studiothanksgiving table for two // A Sunny Afternoon // Smitten StudioI like to set the table the day before (in this case two days before, because I am feeling festively nerdy) so that the next day we can dedicate all our time to the food. I make a pretty good mess in the kitchen and since I don’t cook all that often, I have to concentrate hard on getting all the timing right. One less thing to think about helps make sure we aren’t eating dry stuffing or cold turkey. ;)

How are you guys spending your Turkey Day?

Napkins & Table Runner are part of my new A Sunny Afternoon collection // Flatware by West Elm // Black Plates by CB2 // Table by Organic Modernism // Chairs are vintage

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

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8 Responses to “Thanksgiving table for two”

  1. Corina Nika Says:

    Aw wonderful napkins! the table looks lovely

  2. Kimberly @ Turning It Home Says:

    I love those gold forks! What a nice change from the traditional silver.

    This is my first year cooking a turkey so I’ll be focusing pretty intently in the kitchen as well. I’m also making pies again this year, which is more in my line of experience.

  3. Comfy Cozy Couture Says:

    So so pretty….adore those napkins!

  4. Katie Says:

    What types of branches/leaves are on the napkins??

  5. Bettina Says:

    This so so sweet! Love how you’re cooking and eating with just the two of you!

  6. Sam Says:

    I think it is lovely that you are celebrating in style even though it is just the two of you! I also like the idea of setting the table the day before, one less thing to worry about!! We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in Australia – but I really wish we did!

  7. Gry Says:

    I also think it’s great that you celebrate just the two of you. You make your own traditions. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Switzerland but my husband and I have been celebrating Christmas alone many times and we’ve been really enjoying it. And your table looks lovely.

  8. Amanda @ A.Co est. 1984 Says:

    I love that you made place-cards for the two of you! So sweet, and fancy for two :)

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