Pattern Spy: Feathers



There is something I have always liked about feathers. When I was a kid I used to collect them and turn them into quill pens by stealing the guts out of a bic ink pen and transferring it into the feather. I have also seriously considered getting some sort of feather tattoo (don’t tell my parents they are still very anti-tattoo. ha), but for now I will happily settle for one of these less permanent ways to display my love for feathers. I am especially obsessed with the feather printed jeans.

Feather Printed Jeans  //  Feather Watercolor Painting  //  Feather Garland

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2 Responses to “Pattern Spy: Feathers”

  1. Hantsu Says:

    So cute. Get them :)

  2. sarah Says:

    oh man… you twisted my arm… jeans ordered. :)

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