my style: travel basics & anthropologie giveaway (closed)

pilcro pant // smitten studio for anthropologiepilcro pant // smitten studio for anthropologiepilcro pant // smitten studio for anthropologiepilcro pant // smitten studio for anthropologiepilcro pant // smitten studio for anthropologiepilcro pant // smitten studio for anthropologiepilcro pant // smitten studio for anthropologieAnthropologie sent me these beautiful pants from their colorful line of Hyphen Chinos just in time for our trip to Miami and they quickly became a staple in my travel wardrobe. I picked the “candied ginger” colorway, which happens to be my latest hue obsession. You may also recognize it from my new studio floors… CAN NOT get enough of that color in my life.

Check out the other four lovely bloggers that Anthro teamed up with and what style they picked here.

And don’t forget to enter below for your chance to win a pair in the color of your choice!

Here’s the giveaway details…
To win a pair of the Hyphen Chinos:
1. leave a comment below saying which colorway is your favorite, and…
2. follow Anthropologie (@anthropologie) and myself (@sarahshermansamuel) on instagram

One Smitten Studio reader will be chosen at random and will be gifted their preferred Hyphen style. Good luck!

Shop the Look: Hyphen Chino from Anthropologie by Pilcro // White Blouse by Zara // Hat from Forever 21 // Gladiator Sandals by Sam Edelman (old) find similar here.

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering and congratulations to Phoebe for winning the Pilcro Chinos!

Images by Smitten Studio for Anthropologie 

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151 Responses to “my style: travel basics & anthropologie giveaway (closed)”

  1. chelsea Says:

    I really love the muted clay! What cute pants!

  2. Elysia Says:

    I’m a fan of both tinted rose and candied ginger. Too many lovely colors!

  3. Sarah Says:

    So cute! Love the pale phosphorus.

  4. Cristina Says:

    I prefer the moss color.

  5. Brittany K Says:

    I’d wear the green slate on all kinds of summer adventures. What an awesome giveaway!

  6. Allison Says:

    The candied ginger is my favorite as well. I’m in love with these pants!

  7. Sarah | Safaris and Sunsets Says:

    The muted clay is a fabulous one for summer! I love the candied ginger too. :) too many beauties to choose just one!

  8. Virginia S Says:

    I would definitely go for the green slate. These look like such a perfect wardrobe staple!

  9. Kristina Says:

    Really love the candied ginger color! I used to have a pair that tone that I ruined in the wash (along with a tube of chapstick…) and it would be so sweet to replace them. Love the look!

  10. Sandy Says:

    The slate green would be perfect for a casual pair of olive pants for a quick comfy shopping day!

  11. Chelsey Says:

    Although I’m in desperate need of a pair of white pants, I only have rose color glasses on. I LOVE the tinted rose!

  12. Moira Smith Says:

    Muted Clay all the way! So cute and bright and perfect for summer time.

  13. Kelsey Says:

    I love the Green Slate color, super cute!

  14. Kelsey Says:

    Candied Ginger – what a great color for spring! If only spring weather would make it’s way to the midwest…

  15. kelsey Says:

    adore muted clay! and gorgeous sandals
    ladies in navy

  16. Kristina Says:

    I’d go with white, since I enjoy a challenge.

  17. Mallory | R.Simple Life Says:

    I think I’m all about the candied ginger!

  18. Emily S Says:

    I love the green slate – can’t wait for summer!

  19. Lisa Says:

    Love the Muted Clay and Candied Ginger! Those colors will definitely help me get in the spring/summer mood!!

  20. Brigitte Says:

    This is a challenge for me and an opportunity to grow chinos on my closet. I love your pich: candied ginger!

  21. allie Says:

    i adore the green slate – perfect for spring!

    fingers crossed!

    allie at

  22. Natasha Nethero Says:

    I’m obsessed with these pants. The candied ginger is perfect!

  23. Carina Says:

    What a comfy pants….love the green one

  24. Tiffany Says:

    As much as I love the tinted rose color, I don’t see it fitting into my wardrobe. I think the green slate is more my color.

  25. Phoebe Says:

    I think all of these would make perfect neutrals, but I’d have to go with the green slate (in petite because I’m a shrimp).

  26. Erin Says:

    I would choose the green slate, they would go with everything!

  27. Jessica Says:

    I’ve fallen in love with the Candied Ginger!

  28. Marilia Says:

    It is a very hard choice, I absolutely 3 of them but if I have to choose one,I’ll go with tinted rose. Romantic and colourful!

  29. Patterson Says:

    I’d choose the green slate!

  30. Joo Says:

    tinted rose for me!!

  31. Kim Says:

    Green slate would just go with anything. Amazing shoot!

  32. Ilana Jade Says:

    I would love a pair of these, already love the fit of pilcro! Muted clay is definitely my favorite.

  33. ALEX Says:

    Really a fan of the candied ginger!

  34. ALEX Says:

    Really a fan of the candied ginger

  35. Adrienne B Says:

    Obsessed with Anthro and would have to go with the candied ginger as well! I don’t have anything that color and it’s so gorgeous!

  36. Ashley Says:

    Candied ginger what a pretty spring color!

  37. Ali Says:

    Love the tinted rose, perfect for spring!

  38. Danielle Says:

    I love the tinted rose! Such a pretty color!

  39. JILL Says:

    I’d pick candied ginger, too! Great color for spring and summer!!

  40. Comfy Cozy Couture Says:

    I think I’m with you, the candied ginger is my favorite! Love this entire look!

  41. Sarah G. Says:

    Adorable! I love the tinted rose best.

  42. chelsey Says:

    love candied ginger and muted clay!

  43. Mary mcmullen Says:

    The green slate would be my spring staple!

  44. Davina Says:

    All of the colors are so dreamy! The green slate is definitely my favorite, obsessing over the gorgeous details like the stitched back pocket and colors button!

  45. Ortolan Says:

    I choose white!

  46. Davina Says:

    All of the colors are so dreamy! The green slate is definitely my favorite, obsessing over the gorgeous details like the stitched back pocket and the colorful front button!

  47. Erika Says:

    Oh the candied ginger all the way!

  48. Heidi Says:

    well, I have the green slate and wear them constantly. So, i think my eyes are on the candied ginger next!

  49. Connie Says:

    Perfect for the spring. My fabs are the pale phosphorus :)

  50. Jamie Says:

    I love a good giveaway- especially if Anthropologie is involved!! If I won (pick me!!) I would have a hard time choosing between the muted clay and pale phosphorus. Both are great colors for Spring! Following you on Instagram (@jmequintana)

  51. Sacha Says:

    The candied ginger is my favourite too. So perfect for lazy summer days!

  52. Jade Sheldon-Burnsed Says:

    I love the muted clay!

  53. Archana | My SoCal'd Life Says:

    The candied ginger is my favorite of the bunch. You clearly wore it well enough to make an impression!

  54. Emma Says:

    I love your blog and the tinted rose pants!

  55. Christina Says:

    Candied Ginger!

  56. Bekah H Says:

    The tinted rose is a beautiful color! Such a great team up between you and Anthropologie!

  57. Susan D Says:

    I have to agree with the candied ginger- it’s beautiful!

  58. Vanessa Says:

    Oh man, I want all the colours! but I guess if I have to choose just one, then I would say Muted Clay

  59. Jaime Says:

    The ginger look amazing on you, but I’m partial to the tinted rose for myself!

  60. Sarah Says:

    I love the green or the candied ginger :)

  61. Jennifer Says:

    fun! love the candied ginger

  62. Victoria Says:

    Beautiful! I would have to go with classic white :)

  63. Jamie Says:

    I love the tinted rose! So wonderful for spring and summer!

  64. Cindy Says:

    I am torn between the candied ginger and muted clay, but if it came down to it, candied ginger! Your outfit may be a factor…

  65. Lynda Del Says:

    Khaki for me!

  66. JESSICA R Says:

    I love the Candied Ginger! So pretty!

  67. Elizabeth Says:

    I love the candied ginger or muted clay! :)

  68. Stefani Says:

    I’m swooning over the green slate! Such amazing pants.

  69. Hilary A. Says:

    Already following both of you on Instagram!
    I would have a hard time choosing between Candied Ginger and Tinted Rose – love them both!

  70. Amelia Martinez Says:

    So cute! And I’m loving the muted clay.

  71. Grace Says:

    Green Slate!

  72. Sally Says:

    Ooh, I LOVE the Candied Ginger that you’re wearing!! Adorable photos, too! :)

  73. Jonlyn Says:

    Tinted Rose! So soft and summery. Wonderful give away!

  74. Celeste Says:

    loving the white + muted clay

  75. Stephanie Says:

    My heart tells me candied ginger, but my practicality says muted clay would work better for work and play! I would just be so happy with any of them.

  76. Allie Says:

    Candied Ginger is my favorite. I’m heading to Bali in October and these would be a perfect pair of traveling pants!

  77. Kelli Ladewig Says:

    Candied ginger is the color for this Texas gal!

  78. Amanda Says:

    The candied ginger is my favorite too!

  79. lisa Says:

    Green slate would get lots of wear from me!

  80. Courtney Berente Says:

    The green slate is perfect. I love your blog!

  81. Kendra Says:

    either the candid ginger or tinted rose… ugh.. maybe win the one and buy the other ;)

  82. Allison Siburg Says:

    Muted clay. I have major wanderlust right now in MN and that color makes me want to go stand-by for Monte Carlo. Today? Tomorrow. Mmm, today.

  83. Arpine Torosyan Says:

    Agree with you that the candied ginger one is perfection!

  84. Lauren Says:

    Love the white! Is that boring?!

  85. Yala Says:

    I really love the candied ginger one!

  86. karen Says:

    it’s a tie between the candied ginger and the pale phosphorus!

  87. Stephanie Says:

    Candied ginger is gorge!!!

  88. Colleda Says:

    tinted rose is calling my name…i own nothing in this color sphere but it is so soft feminine I must add to my wardrobe

  89. Kate Says:

    They are all amazing, but I absolutely adore the green slate!

  90. Jenny W Says:

    Green Slate fo’ sho!

  91. Shannon Y. Says:

    I’m with you on the candied ginger. Gorgeous!

  92. Renee Johnson Says:

    Loving the tinted rose pants :) Stunning photos, stunning lady!

  93. Mekeesha Says:

    Green slate! I’m sure this collaboration was a nice break from home reno. Ha.

  94. Liz Says:

    I have a ton of mossy green so the TINTED ROSE would be an awesome way to mix things up

  95. Margaret Says:

    My favourite would have to be either the green slate or the candied ginger. They seem super versatile and easy to wear!

  96. Calli Says:

    love the candied ginger! @freefragments

  97. Erin Says:

    It’s a tie between the candied ginger and the white! Would love to get these for the spring season.

  98. Rachel Says:

    Love candied ginger!

  99. sea Says:

    lovely photos! i’d pick the tinted rose.

  100. Erin jean Says:

    I adore pale phosphorous and tinted rose!

  101. keshakeke Says:

    I completely love the candied ginger! They are so pretty and comfy at the same time!

  102. keshakeke Says:

    I follow you both on instagram @keshakeke

  103. miguez Says:

    i love the candied ginger you have on!

  104. Kathrine Says:

    Also love the candied ginger!

  105. Matney Says:

    following both! candied ginger is definitely my favorite – hoping they look as good on me as they do on you!

  106. Miranda Says:

    I love the green slate color! Thanks for having this giveaway :) I was already following you both on Instagram because I love love Anthro, and I love your photos :)

  107. Miranda Says:

    Also my Instagram is @boucksy that I’m following you both under.

  108. Amanda Francescatti Says:

    I love the candied ginger that you’re wearing!

  109. Maggie Says:

    I just imagined 15 outfits to go with the ‘tinted rose’ hyphen chinos. That plus the blush pink Spring trend…swoon.

  110. Melissa Porter Says:

    Tinted Rose for sure! And it’s adorable with that embellished sweatshirt! @melissatries

  111. Brooke Says:

    I’ve never owned white pants – these might be the perfect place to start!

  112. Nelly C Says:

    I love your style and I would love the candied ginger chinos!!! Thank you for the fun giveaway!!!

  113. Soyolm Says:

    The candied ginger one looks perfect!

  114. Marilisa Says:

    You make the candied ginger pair look so great I would have to say those are my favorite!!

  115. Noraleen Says:

    I love the green slate and straight fit of these!

  116. karly marie Says:

    Classic khaki all the way!

  117. sarah Says:

    khaki is second only to the candied ginger. saw these in store. really like them!

  118. Shelly Says:

    The muted clay and pale phosphorus are both so pretty!

  119. Emily Maupin Says:

    I have had my eye on these! I would have to go with the green slate or the tinted rose.

  120. Christa Says:

    Love your look! So perfect for Miami! All of the colors are great, but I think I’d have to say Green Slate!


  121. Mackenzie Farrell Says:

    green slate or tinted rose!

  122. stacy Says:

    hard choice, but i’m liking the candied ginger as well!

  123. sarah Says:

    Green slate – love how they look slightly distressed and worn!

  124. Maytinee Says:

    Hello! My favorite color is the “candied ginger”. I love how it’s a soft, sweet color that can go well for all styles during the Spring/Summer months!

    Following both accounts under “obliiviate”.

  125. Marina Says:

    Candied Ginger… so good

  126. Ashley Says:

    So many amazing colors! I have to say the candied ginger is my favorite as well. Perfect for summer!

  127. Jillian D Says:

    I would definitely go with the candies ginger! Love these!!

  128. Marita Says:

    The candied ginger is delicious!

  129. Gina Says:

    Tinted rose. Perfect pants for chasing toddlers:)

  130. Annie Says:

    I lovee the tinted rose!

  131. stephanie Says:

    You know I don’t have anything in the dusty rose pink color! That would be fun :)

  132. stephanie Says:

    tinted rose, I mean :)

  133. Danie Says:

    I loooove the candied ginger color. So cute!

  134. Jessine Says:

    Love, love the candied ginger! It makes me want summer now!

  135. Lui Says:

    gotta say i love the green slate :)

  136. Jaclyn Reynolds Says:

    Tinted rose is gorgeous!!
    Instagram follower Jaclynfett

  137. LINK LOVE // 05 | Folk & Fest Says:

    […] ! // TWO Loved learning a little bit more about the lovely Corina, she’s so inspiring ! // THREE Gorgeous pants from Anthropology and love the styling and photography ! Oh and there’s a […]

  138. Beth Says:

    oh my… candied ginger or muted clay- I gotta go candied ginger and I love the Zara top too! Those chinos would be perfect for our family trip to Florida :)

  139. Carlotta Says:

    Tinted rose, love!

  140. HilLesha O'Nan Says:

    I love the white, and I’m following both via Instagram. My screenname on there is RareElegance. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  141. DJ Says:

    Love your travel style — I’m currently trying to figure mine out as I prepare to pack for a trip to the middle east! I think I’d go with muted clay or pale phosphorous!

  142. cait Says:

    Love the classic white!

  143. Tara Says:

    The candied ginger is lovely. Here’s hoping winter will finally end here in Chicago!

  144. S.Krishna Says:

    I love the muted clay!! Great pants!!

  145. Tara Says:

    Definitely the ‘candied ginger’ & ‘green slate’ a close 2nd. They look super comfy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  146. Jenny Says:

    Loving the green slate! – Although, truly loving them all… ;)

  147. zhe Says:

    I’m interested in the rosy colored one!

  148. Tory Says:

    Love the candied ginger, as well! These look super comfortable. Thank you for the giveaway!

  149. Deirdre Says:

    The Tinted Rose would be perfect all spring and summer! Thanks for the chance to win.

  150. Stephanie Sparks Says:

    Candied Ginger!

  151. chloe Says:

    Did you take these photos while in Miami? Looks like the walls near Viscaya :) I used to live in the Grove so this stretch is familiar from the drive over to Brickell.

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