my style: party dress & sequins

aqua by aqua dress chartreuseaqua by aqua dressaqua by aqua dress2aqua by aqua dress3aqua by aqua dress4sequin shoesaqua by aqua dress 6aqua by auqua dress 5So, I know this outfit doesn’t scream fall, or even give a hint of it for that matter, but when it is 90 degrees and you are attending a southern California wedding, this is the dress I pulled out. This twirl inducing number from Aqua by Aqua was perfect for the occasion.

Floyd dress in Sulphur from Aqua by Aqua // Sequin Shoes by Luichiny // Green Turquoise ring – gifted

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17 Responses to “my style: party dress & sequins”

  1. hantsu Says:

    Love, love, love!!!

  2. Bea Says:

    These pictures are beautiful, Sarah! You look fantastic, as always – this dress was made for you!! I love the background in these photos, it’s a nice contrast to your girlie-girl getup :) Well done!

  3. Anne Says:

    You exude confidence in this outfit. WOW!

  4. myka Says:

    You look SO cute. I NEED that dress too! :)

  5. Chick Tyler Says:

    Girl, you are gorgeous and so is that outfit!

  6. sarah Says:

    Ahh! Thanks girls. Blushing over here. :) It is all in the dress. Bea… you are right that dress was seriously made for me. xo

  7. Kelli Murray Says:

    GIRL! Are you kidding!? Perfection.

  8. karen Says:

    Love the dress! Just a random question- thinking of ordering this myself but I was curious how you felt it fit (support-wise) since its backless. Any feedback would be super! thinking of ordering it today-

  9. sarah Says:

    Hi Karen, so yes it has no support really being backless but the fabric is thick and well tailored. I had to go freestyle if you know what I mean. Ha

  10. Amber Snow Says:

    If you ever wanted to do a video hair tutorial, I would watch it. Just sayin’ :) I have long straight blonde hair too, but have the hardest time making it slightly wavy/curly like yours here. Looks awesome!

  11. sarah Says:

    haha Thanks Amber, I really just use a 1.5″ curling iron and grab like 2 inch sections of hair. It goes pretty fast.

  12. Sarah Says:

    Oh goodness! In love! :)

    I must know where this belt is from though, seeing as the dress is already out of stock :(


  13. sarah Says:

    Hi Sarah. The belt came with the dress so not much luck there either, sorry!

  14. Fallon Says:

    I love this look!!! Just came across it on Pinterest! You look amazing. Can’t wait to look through the rest of your blog.

  15. George Pistol Says:

    Hi, an interesting dress, my daughter would love to have it.

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  17. ervina Says:

    I would love to buy that yellow dress.

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