from the weekend: moving day & announcement

weekend 12.3 empty shelvesThis photo is actually from Friday but it sums up the rest of the weekend as well. I cleaned out my space at Greenroom/Clementine Paper not only because the company is moving across town but also because I will no longer be working there full-time. Yep! … as of today (after 5 years) I am leaving my position as Creative Director at Greenroom to make the leap to freelance and to build my own brand. I will still be contributing over there but at a smaller capacity so that I can spend more time here on Smitten Studio and be able to take advantage of other exciting opportunities.

I said a big thank you on Instagram but I also want to especially thank all of you readers here that support and encourage me with your comments and emails. Making this jump in my career would much harder without you.

Image from my Instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

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7 Responses to “from the weekend: moving day & announcement”

  1. Sally Says:

    Congrats!! That’s so exciting – can’t wait to see what fun projects you have in store! :)

  2. kiersten stevens Says:

    CONGRATS!!!! SO proud and excited for you. A big step + a very exciting one. xoxoxo

  3. T Says:

    Congratulations! That is so exciting! Wishing you all the very best in your new endeavors!

  4. Anne Says:

    The best move you’ll ever make. Congrats!

  5. sarah Says:

    Thanks for all the support T!

  6. sarah Says:

    Thanks Kiki! It’s been a long time coming huh? Now maybe we can finally get something fun to work on together! xo

  7. sarah Says:

    Thank you Sally! … and I can’t wait to share. :)

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