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reading room: an object of beauty

reading room an object of beautyI just finished reading “An Object of Beauty“, which not only happens to have a gorgeous cover, but is filled with 20 something color reproductions of varied artworks that are woven into and definitely enhance the story. It took me right back to my art history classes in college… just much more entertaining and relevant. The book written by Steve Martin, follows the climbing career of an ambitious young woman (who seems to be missing a moral compass) in the New York City art world. It’s an interesting read for art lovers, New York lovers, and Steve Martin lovers. Bonus if you’re all three like me! Have any of you read it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

… and how about this artful room, a match made in heaven I’d say.

Read: An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin // Room: Showroom of The Apartment

reading room: Gone Girl

reading room gone girlHoly crazy book batman… ha! I just finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and definitely recommend it. It’s a thrilling and terrifyingly brilliant read about a marriage gone wrong. It is hard to put into words the spectrum of emotions you feel while reading this, but Gillian Flynn paints a portrait of an American couple that you just won’t want to put down. So… to read the dark tale, I matched it up with Sarah Yates gorgeous dark-walled dining room from her previous home in Los Angeles… especially since this is the kind of book that you might want to sit up for.

Read: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn //  Room: Dining Room of Photographer Sarah Yates of A House in the Hills

reading room: the glass castle

reading-rooms-the-glass-castleI finished (& loved) the last book I read and then passed it on to my husband who now says it is one of his favorite reads (you can get the details here). So now I started re-reading a favorite book of mine for the second time called The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend.

Read this book: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, in this room found on The Inspired Room from Pottery Barn

reading rooms: the hundred year old man who…

readingrooms: the hundred year old man who...I admit that I totally judged this book by its cover, but in a good way… The great illustration and hand lettering (design done by  Fraser Muggeridge Studio) immediately drew me in and then the words (written by Jonas Jonasson) kept me interested. I am a little more than halfway through it now and am really enjoying it. And then there is this room! It’s Antique dealer Florence Lopez’s Parisian studio, as shown in Architectural Digest Spain.

So, I had the idea for a new column to share both books and spaces that I enjoy and that have a common aesthetic. Hopefully, it will not only show that inspiration can be found anywhere but help to grow my reading list.