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DIY – copper wall hanging

Entryway // DIY wall hanging // smitten studioThis weekend I also put my crafting muscles to work with a little project to spruce up our entryway. I’ve been spending so much time in Home Depot that I started looking at the materials in a different way and thought of this simple way to bring the aesthetic of a macramé or woven wall hanging (with a little metallic flair) into our space.

All of our money is going into the renovation right now so we don’t have a lot to play with to decorate and I am SO over having blank walls. So, while I still plan on getting a real deal macramé piece made by fellow Michigander Sally England once our bank accounts have recovered, I made this to tide me over.

DIY wall hanging // smitten studioEntryway // DIY wall hanging // smitten studioPaired with some art, some of my favorite objects and this storage piece, I think it made a big step forward in shaping up our entryway. We bought that credenza, which is really a mini bar, from CB2 when we first moved into our old house (6 years ago) and have never actually used it as a bar. In our last home it was in the bedroom and here it works out perfectly as an entryway piece. I love that it has drawers for small things like keys and sunglasses and bigger doors for hats or bags (hiding all the clutter that usually lands on the kitchen counter).

Entryway // DIY wall hanging // smitten studioGet the full DIY instructions and list of materials needed in the post I shared over on A Beautiful Mess!

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To see our entryway before look here.

Product Sources: Mini Bar/Credenza is from CB2 (old) similar sized one here // Rug from Rugs USA // Glass dome terrarium (homemade with an A Sunny Afternoon hexagon) // Octahedron Terrarium by ABJ Glassworks // Antler Art by Keri Herer // Brass xo & brass goblet are vintage // Leopard boots by Zara (old) // Basket holding the fiddle leaf fig is from Target

Photography, design, and styling by Sarah Sherman Samuel

home progress: in the living room

living room progress, sharon montrose print // smitten studioLook what came back from the framers! Our very first piece of art hanging up in the new house and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out (especially with how it looks with that rug).

living room progress // smitten studio // sharon montroseAs you may remember, I dropped my new Sharon Montrose print off at Michael’s before even getting a chance to take a good look at it, so it was realllly exciting to pick it up all framed and in its full flamingo glory.

living room progress, sharon montrose print // smitten studioI am also happy to have at least one tiny corner of the house kind of done-ish! I dug through a few boxes in the garage to bring in a some of my treasured little pieces and styled the corner so that amongst all of the madness I can look there and see how the house will eventually take shape when more things are finished.

To re-cap what we’ve done in the living/family room so far, we have:
1. busted through and opened up two walls
2. pulled out carpeting
3. laid new wood flooring
4. sanded down existing wood flooring and stained the old & new to match
5. painted
6. added a new heating system

To see all of the renovation progress check here.

Product guide: Flamingo Print by Sharon Montrose (Framing done by Michael’s) // Khotan Rug from The Rug Warehouse // Console Table by West Elm // Coffee Table & Chair are vintage (found at the long beach flea market) // Head Vase by Jonathan Adler // Terrarium by ABJ Glassworks // Gold Pouf (old) find similar at Furbish Studio // Candlestick holder also vintage // Paint color is Snow Fall by Behr

Photography & Styling by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Furniture for sale!

neutra dining table for sale // smitten studioOk guys, the time has come for me to part with some of my favorite furniture pieces, tears may shed. I think I’ve mentioned before, the new house has much smaller rooms than our old townhouse. We basically moved from an ultra modern loft-like space to an old “cozy” bungalow (that we are slowly modernizing). So, we ran into the problem that most of our furniture just doesn’t fit. While I wish I could continue hoarding these pieces in my garage, it would be nice to put the money towards new furniture that works in our new space.

There are three items up for grabs starting with this walnut dining table. No matter how hard I tried to shrink it with a “command, T” action, it stubbornly stayed its much too large size. It is a Nuetra Table from Room Service made of walnut and steel. It measure 96″ x 36″ x 30″. We paid $2300 for it a few years ago and are asking $1200.

Credenza for sale // smitten studioSecond up is equally as heart breaking to give up, our credenza. It is also from Room Service, measures 90″ x 20″ x 27.5″ and is macassar and white lacquer. Original price was $2800 we are selling it for $1600.

american leather comfort sleeper  for sale // smitten studioAnd finally, this sofa-bed. When I was using our spare room for my office I had to get rid of the bed but we still wanted a really nice place for guests to come and sleep, so we splurged on this American Leather Comfort Sleeper from H.D. Buttercup (they are also available at Design Within Reach). The thing about this sofa bed is that it feels like a real-deal proper mattress. It is engineered differently then your normal sleeper so that there are no bars or funky springs to poke you while you sleep. You can read more about it here. It folds out to a queen sized bed, closed it measures 68″ x 36″ x 39″. The original price was $3600 and we are asking $1900.

Each item is in great condition. Local pick-up only (los angeles). Post a comment or email me if you are interested! If they don’t sell here I will be putting them on craigslist, but I wanted to give you guys the first chance.

on A beautiful mess

A Sunny Afternoon process wall // smitten studioYesterday, on A Beautiful Mess, I shared a final home tour of our townhouse that we just sold. I’m still finding it hard to believe that we won’t be going back here again, but I’m looking forward to settling into our new place.

This is my favorite image of the bunch that I took while I was in the middle of creating the debut collection for A Sunny Afternoon. I already miss that chalkboard wall big time! Head over to A Beautiful Mess to see the rest.

Image by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Glitter Guide Style at Home

glitter guide sarah sherman samuel Did you guys get a chance to see my Style at Home feature over on Glitter Guide yesterday? I was so happy when they asked me to participate because I knew that we were moving soon and I thought it would be a great way to say goodbye to the house. Of course I have taken photos of our home myself but have never had anyone else shoot it. I loved seeing it through someone else’s eyes (especially that of the talented Jessie Webster). I also shared a bit about my background, some more on A Sunny Afternoon and Smitten Studio, and how they all overlap.

smitten studio, a sunny afternoon // workspaceI also changed a few things in my studio since I last shared it… like painting it bright white. Head over to Glitter Guide to see the whole thing.

Top image by Jessie Webster
Bottom image by Sarah Sherman Samuel

we sold our place and bought a house!

packing // smitten studioExciting changes are happening over here! I am stoked to finally share that we have sold our townhouse and bought a little house (with a yard, yayyy) here in LA. It has been in the works for quite some time now, but with how things have gone for us en route to selling and buying… I didn’t want to share anything about it until the deal was done, done, DONE. To give you the short version… the market in our neighborhood (and in LA in general) is pretty nuts. Like, our current place wasn’t even on the market and we had a few offers come in the door. We accepted one offer and quickly found a place to rent but before we could move, the buyer backed out and the deal fell through. In the beginning, we couldn’t decide if we really wanted to sell but after having sold it in our minds and then being bummed out when it fell though, we realized we really were ready, so we listed it. This time it sold for real, just two days after listing.

I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason and that God has a plan. Sometimes I forget, but in hindsight I am always amazed. When we sold our place we had no idea where we would move. We negotiated a one month lease back into our contract, which basically means that after closing we get to stay in our current place for one month, giving us the extra time to find a new place. Our house hunt began. We went to what feels like a million open houses and put offers on 4 different properties in the end. We were really excited about one house and made what we thought was a really good offer the first day they were accepting them. That house ended up getting 12 offers that day, with 4 of them being all cash. We didn’t stand a chance.

Through all of this, there was a house for sale in our ideal location that we had walked past a million times, but it was out of our price range so we hadn’t even considered it. Lucky for us, it was on the market for a few weeks and hadn’t sold so they dropped the price. Even luckier for us, we knew the owners and was able to strike up a deal directly with them, saving time and money by not having to use a realtor on our end. (happy dance.) Oh and major bonus… we closed on the new house one week before we have to be out of our current place, giving us a week to move. Perfect timing.

So… my tips for buying and selling in LA? 1. Don’t fret, what will be will be. (I didn’t take this advice and was a major stress bucket until all was said and done… which seems silly now since everything worked out so well) 2. Be prepared for a roller coaster ride. So many ups and so many downs. 3. Do loads of research so you are educated with what houses really are worth in your area. (this helped us a ton, with managing our expectations and knowing when to walk from a deal or not). 4. it really is true what they say… “location, location, location” 5. Marry a super charming gregarious husband that makes friends wherever he goes so that you can buy a house from one of his friends. What, that one not so helpful? ;)

I know this is A LOT more writing then I usually do, so high five if you made it this far. You want to know the best part about our new place? It is an old fixer so you know I have big plans for it. It will be like the cabin project all over again. :) More on the new place soon!

LA home: living room chair update

living room art wall // smitten studioliving room chair update // smitten studioRemember a while back when I was looking for a new chair to replace my two yellow one’s that I sold? Well, it took me long enough, but I finally made a decision. I ended up going with a vintage Knoll Hardoy chair (aka. butterfly chair) that I picked up from Surfing Cowboys. This chair wasn’t even on my original round up (which by the way… if money was no object I would have picked the Rhys chair hands down, and I was actually going to go with the Everett chair from West Elm, but by the time I got around to it that striped fabric I wanted was no longer available), but as soon as I saw the vintage piece alongside a matching footrest, I knew everything about it was perfect for my space.

I also updated my art wall a bit since the last time I posted it, including that Mima Mouse Poster on the bottom left from Mini & Maximus.

To see more photos of our LA home check here.

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

searching for a new chair

smitten studio chair guideLike I said last week, I am now on the hunt for a new chair to sit along side our new blue sofa. Here’s a round up of some of my favorite upholstered options that are out right now.

The new chair will be heading for that empty spot between the TV console and the chaise side of the sofa (where we used to have the two yellow ones).

living room blue sofa // smitten studioI have it narrowed down to my top two or three options but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Which one is your fave?

1: Modern Chair from Urban Outfitters // 2: Everett Chair from West Elm // 3: Jensen Chair by Dwell Studio // 4: Louis Chair by Room & Board // 5: Rhys Chair from Anthropologie // 6: Pollino Chair by Dwell Studio // 7: Hans Chair by Dwell Studio // 8: Nina Chair by World Market  // Kennedy Chair from Thrive Furniture

Living room image by Sarah Sherman Samuel