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cabin deck before

cabin-deck-beforeSomehow while sharing the cabin before tour I overlooked the best space of all… the deck! Right now the outdoor room is pretty bare. The table and chairs above aren’t actually patio furniture and are quite small for the large space but on a nice day and when it is just the two of us, they do the job for now. You may think “oh, this isn’t such a bad before photo” but then when you turn around and look at the deck from the opposite end you had this…

deck-before2Remember that? Fortunately, we have made progress since then but the deck space has remained sadly the same with the exception of a wash down and the addition of a big pile of construction garbage that I am trying and failing to cover by that big black circle (below).

deck-cleanishI look forward to the day that we no longer have to drag the dining room furniture out onto the deck every time we want to seat more then two people.

Cabin Floor Plan

cabin floorplan

Now that the “before” tour is complete, here is a look at the overall layout and how all of the rooms work together. One fortunate thing was that even though it is a tiny place, it has an open floor plan and the layout is great. So although we are stripping down the place to its bare bones we don’t have to tear down or move any major walls which makes things a bit easier.

Now, I wouldn’t mind a bigger bathroom so that your knees don’t touch the opposite wall while on the toilet but we will have to save that for down the road some time. I’d say knee pads are cheaper then moving an exterior wall.

bedroom before

Here is the final room of the “before tour”, the bedroom. The space is pretty tiny with nothing but bunk beds and, as promised, the little whale motif from the bathroom makes its appearance again! We are going to tackle the bedroom last because as of now it is fully functioning as our only storage space.


There is an identical set of bunk beds on the opposite wall that we plan to tear out and hopefully fit at least a full size bed.

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bathroom before

Shield your eyes because this just isn’t pretty.


So this is what we are working with, wonderful hmm? Yuck…oh and don’t worry those little whale stencils will turn up again in the tour!

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Living Room Before

Before I get into too much progress I am going to go ahead and post the rest of the “before pictures”. Here is the living room’s current state.


A few things I wanted to point out are: #1, notice the beautiful water damage on the ceiling and the pealing paint on the fireplace. #2, The raw plywood ceiling and lack of trim. #3, The grey painted tile floors which actually look a ton better in the photo then in real life. #4, the awesome cheapo track lighting. We also inherited the white sofas from the previous owner which are great to have for now but will probably want to replace these too further down the line.

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Kitchen Before

The tour continues…now bear with me as there is going to be a whole lot of ugly before things start to get pretty. Here are the kitchen “before” pictures and one of the first rooms we are going to tackle. Some of my personal favorite features are the raw exposed and stained plywood on the walls and ceiling, the dirty old appliances, and especially the mis-matched cabinets that seem to be missing an entire section. It is safe to say that this will be a total gut job.


check out that state of the art microwave!

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cabin exterior

Cabin Exterior - Before Renovation

So its official!…We bought a cabin on Lake Michigan. Rupert and I are happiest when outside and around nature, so while Los Angeles has its obvious benefits it isn’t exactly the most peaceful place in the world. So here is our new little place of refuge. Here I will chronicle the projects and renovations that come along with buying a run-down, in desperate need of some love, old cabin in the woods. We will be doing most all of the work ourselves and by ourselves I am including my jack of all trades dad who will no doubt be a huge part of the process.

So while I am labeling these the “before” pictures, right now it looks exactly like this. Brown on the back, red on the side, grey in the front and all!

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