cabin progress: patio furniture

cabin-ikea-assemblyRemember from the planning post that I was looking for a couple chaise lounges? I ended up going with the Appalaro Chaise from Ikea. After a fun assembly session with Rupe (these were actually the easiest thing I have ever put together from Ikea), we were all set to do our best lounging.

chaise-cabin-smittenstudioMore to come on the patio as we are busy, painting, hammering, organizing, and finishing up projects this week.

To see all the progress on the cabin so far, head here.



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  1. kelsey Says:

    kw ladies in navy

  2. Melissa Says:

    Sarah, I was wondering about the paint color on your cabin. I am thinking about painting my house this same color but was wondering if it looks more deep blue or a charcoal? I bought a sample and it has some blue undertones but perfer a more charcoal look. I assume it looks different at different times of the day. Thanks so much.

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