cabin progress: DIY curtains

curtain rods from plumbing partsOur curtains were another full family DIY session (like the flooring and the bedroom ceiling, which you can see here and here).

Supplies needed for the curtain rods:
2 ten foot lengths of 1″ steel pipe
3 floor flanges
2 elbow joints
1 T joint (I don’t really know what that is called but you can see it in image 4)
matte black spray paint
12 screws

curtain rodcurtain rods We bought the pipe at our local “Do it Best” hardware store (image 1) and they cut the pipe down and threaded it to our exact size requirements. Rupert and I painted them (image 2 – 4) while my mom sewed the curtains (the fabric being re-purposed from my Smilebooth background I made for my 30th birthday… remember that? If you didn’t catch it the first time you can see it here), and finally my dad installed them, using the T joint in the center to connect the two pipes (image 5) and the elbow joints at the end to attach them to the floor flanges, securing them to the wall (image 6).

To see all the cabin progress head over here.

Catch a photo of my mom deep in thought over sewing the fabric into curtains after the jump. :)

mom sewingThanks mom!

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6 Responses to “cabin progress: DIY curtains”

  1. Anne Says:

    So clever and they look fantastic. What a crafty family.

  2. Laura Says:

    Ah so lovely! I love the industrial DIY components, they make it feel more fun and authentic!

  3. sarah Says:

    Thanks Laura!

  4. Natalie Says:

    PLEASE post details of how to make the actual curtains – yours look really good, would love to make some myself. Also where did you buy the fabric? Thanks so much!

  5. A.Co Says:

    This is AWESOME!! What a great idea; I would have never thought to make my own curtain rod, but it was likely a lot cheaper when you need such a long one!! WELL DONE!! (looooove those curtains; fabulous fabric).

  6. Where The Light Shines In… | theblushchronicles Says:

    […] source […]

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